BSC Costs & Charges

ELEXON’s costs and the contracted costs of BSC Agents are paid for by BSC Parties as described in Section D of the BSC. The amount each BSC Party pays (Funding Shares) depends on their market role and the volume of energy they generate, supply or trade. Funding Share data by month can be found on the ELEXON Portal.

What are ‘Main & SVA Specified Charges’?

The Main and SVA Specified Charges are the fixed charges associated with being a BSC Party. They are set out in BSC Annex D-3.3 and D-3.4 and are determined by the BSC Panel before the start of each BSC Year.

2016/2017 Main Specified Charges:

Specified Charge Current Rate Code Reference
CVA BM Units (£/month) £100 Annex D-3 3.1(c)
Supplier Base BM Units (£/month) £100 Annex D-3 3.1(g)
Supplier Additional BM Units (£/month) £100 Annex D-3 3.1(h)
Contracts Traded (£/MWh) £0.0005 Annex D-3 3.1(f)
CVA Metering Systems (£/month) £50 Annex D-3 3.1(b)
Base Monthly Charge (£/month) £250 Annex D-3 3.1(a)
HH MSIDs (£/MSID/month) £0.35 Annex D-3 4.1

Further information on these charges can be found within the Schedule of Main and SVA Specified Charges.

You can use our Section D charging calculator to help you understand how these charges may apply to your company.

What are the ‘Dataline Monthly Charges’?

The ‘Dataline Monthly Charges’ are payable by parties who have chosen to order the High Grade Service as described in BSC Annex D-3. Details of the charges agreed by the BSC Panel for 2015/2016 are within the Schedule of Specified Communication Charges.

What are ‘Further Charges’?

ELEXON provides a number of other services to BSC Parties, for example the Participant Test Service:

Further Charge Current Rate
Participant Test Service Test Slot (£/half day) £939 + VAT

For a new market participant entering the market an initial 1/2 day PTS slot is offered at half price. For further information please contact

For more information on the Participant Test Service (PTS) Service please refer to the BSC Participant Test Service User Guide.