Formal title: Changes to BSCP550 – Shared Metering Arrangements

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CP1483 seeks to make it a requirement for Suppliers to inform their Agents, at the time of agent appointments, of the allocation schedule and any technical information necessary for the agent to deploy that solution. This will make it easier for the MOA and the HHDC to assist Suppliers by highlighting potential issues early removing the need for retrospective resolution.


Elexon raised CP1483 on 18 January 2017 and presented it at the SVG on 31 January 2017, where it received a positive response.

CP1483 was first issued for consultation on 6 February 2017, with a response deadline of 3 March 2017. These views were considered at the SVG meeting on 4 April 2017, however the SVG made an amendment to the proposed redlining. Due to the material nature of the change, the SVG deferred their decision, pending the responses to a second consultation.

CP1483 was issued for second consultation on 10 April 2017, with a response deadline of 5 May 2017. The objective of the second consultation was to consider the material change to the redlining, which amended ‘best endeavours’ to ‘reasonable endeavours’.

The SVG considered the responses to the second consultation on 4 July 2017, and approved CP1483 with an amended Implementation Date of 22 February 2018 (as part of the February 2018 BSC Release).



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CP1483 was implemented 22 February 2018 as part of the February 2018 BSC Release.


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