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Change Proposal: CP1503

Changes to European Transparency Regulation data to align with latest ENTSO-e Manual of Procedures

Proposer: National Grid

Current Phase: Assessment

Lead Analyst: Cal Lynn

Category: Not Applicable

Responsible Panel Committee: Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG)

Implementation Date: 01 November 2018 (TBC)


European Network of Transmission System Operator-e has announced changed to the Manual of Procedures (MoP) that impact the transparency data required from GB market participants and National Grid  and that require changes to the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service to receive and publish this data before forwarding it to the Electricity Market Fundamental Information Platform.

The NETA Interface Definition & Design (IDD) Part 2 recognise  the ETR data as part of the BMRA-I029  and also specifies the related XSD; however the rules on implementing the flows  are defined in the MoP and its reference documents, which are not currently recognised in the IDD. Furthermore, currently the BMRA-I031  in IDD Part 1 does not refer to either the XSDs or the MoP. Therefore the IDD Part 1 also needs to be amended to recognise that ETR data published from BMRS conforms with the ENTSO-e’s XSD and MoP.

Additionally this CP proposes to improve reporting of ETR reports on BMRS and A03 Curve types for Article 17.1 (b) and Article 17.1 (c) and allowing processing of additional business types for the timeseries for Article 13.1 (c).

The latest changes to the MoP impact mainly National Grid, and BMRS. To fulfil the obligation under the Transparency Regulation, data submitted by National Grid/BMRS must conform to the latest effective MoP. ENTSO-e have allowed those affected by the change in MoP until December 2018 to make these system changes.


This CP will be presented to the ISG for information on 20 February 2018. It will then be sent out for CP Consultation on 05 March, with responses due by the 29 March. CP1503 will be presented back to the ISG for decision on 17 April.


CP1503 (ISG202/07)  [993.4 Kb]
Document Date: 20 February 2018

CP1503 Proposal Form  [271.8 Kb]
Document Date: 12 February 2018