CP1555 Consumption data for Measurement Classes G and F

Formal title: Provision of consumption data to Distributors for Measurement Classes G and F

This CP proposes to update the requirements in BSCP502 to require HHDCs to send D0036 or D0275 for non-Data Communications Company (DCC) enrolled Metering Systems and/or D0380 for DCC enrolled Metering Systems to Licenced Distribution System Operators (LDSOs).

Under the new Targeted Charging Review (TCR) arrangements, LDSOs will require Half Hourly (HH) Metered Data for individual Metering System Identifiers (MSIDs) in Measurement Classes F and G.

BSCP502 ‘Half Hourly Data Collection for SVA Metering Systems Registered in SMRS’ does not require Half Hourly Data Collectors (HHDCs) to send MSID-level HH data to LDSOs for Metering Systems in MC F and G.

Current Status

Change Proposal Consultation
Committee Decision


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