CP1558 New Registration data items to facilitate MHHS

Formal title: New Registration data items and processes to support the MHHS transition

This Change Proposal will introduce new Registration Service data items and supporting BSC processes into existing Supplier Meter Registration Service (SMRS) systems. 

In its Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement  (MHHS) transition consultation, the Code Change and Development Group (CCDG) recommended that a subset of Registration Service data items required for MHHS are introduced in February 2023, about 18 months before migration is due to commence in October 2024. This is because these items are so critical to the MHHS rules and processes that going live with poor quality data would lead to avoidable time and effort being spent fixing issues during the 12 month migration period.

Current Status

Change Proposal Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


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