Data Release Consultation: Data flows under P315 Data Licence (DR531721 & DR699000)

This consultation seeks to remove current restrictions and publish all data items within the P0276 and P0277 data flows under a BSC Open Data Licence.


What is proposed?

Elexon is proposing that data flows provided under the P315 Data Licence should be published under an Open data licence. This will provide the added benefit of the data being less restricted in its use; it will not be limited to trading electricity in Great Britain and there is permittance to use the data for commercial purposes. 

Elexon currently supply these data flows under licensing arrangements free of charge after approval of BSC Panel Paper 321/10 Approval of Data Licenses and the Reclassification of P114, P30 and P315 Data Licenses due to P398 Open Data Requests at BSC Panel 321 in December 2021. Within this BSC Panel Paper, Elexon determined restrictions on the data items were due to the cost of supplying the datasets and restrictions on the data should no longer apply.

What data does this impact?

Under the P315 data license, Elexon provides access to two data flows to market participants, P0276 and P0277. These are described as follows:

  • P0276: GSP Group Consumption Totals Report
  • P0277: GSP Group Market Matrix Report

The P0276 data flow contains the total consumption and MPAN counts by Consumption Component Class (CCC) for each GSP Group. This report reveals no Supplier specific data or data relating to Suppliers’ market shares within a GSP Group.

The P0277 data flow contains GSP Group consumption data by Profile Class (PC), Standard Settlement Configuration (SSC), Line Loss Factor Class (LLFC), Distributor and Time Pattern Regime (TPR). This results in a single consumption report per GSP Group. This report does not contain any Supplier level data or data that could be used to derive the market share of Suppliers.

Table of data items subject to P315 Data Licensing arrangements

The Open Data Request highlighted the current delivery of these data items through the Elexon Portal via a repository of flat files. The requester stated having the files available via API or SFTP would decrease the administrative burden for data users. Classifying the data items as Open allows Elexon to work on improving the delivery of the datasets without being restricted by P315 licensing arrangements. This would also remove administrative burden on processing requests. Going forward, once the P315 data license restrictions have been lifted, Elexon will look to provide API access for the P0276 and P0277 flows and all Settlement Run Types for the P0276 flow through the development plan of the new Insights Solution platform.


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