Elexon’s response to BEIS/Ofgem consultation on Energy Code Reform: Governance Framework


Who will this impact?

In our response, we welcome the proposals made by BEIS/Ofgem and extend our expertise and knowledge to help deliver the proposal. We have long supported the case for Code consolidation and simplification. In our response, we recommend that if resourced accordingly, Ofgem can successfully undertake the role of the Strategic Body. We further note that we do not support tendering for Code services as the main route to select code managers, as this represents an unnecessary risk to establishing the arrangements and may serve as a distraction for existing Code Managers. We believe that this will not achieve any tangible benefits and indeed will introduce more complexity and cost to the arrangements. We highlight our concerns over the proposed roles and responsibilities of Stakeholder Forums. We do not believe that a voluntary stakeholder forum will retain the interest and participation of industry.


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