Issue 101 ‘Ongoing Governance, Funding and Operation of the DIP’ Consultation

The purpose of this consultation is to invite potential Data Integration Platform (DIP) Users and other interested parties to provide their views on the proposed arrangements for the enduring governance, funding and operation of the DIP.


Who will this impact?

The DIP arrangements are expected to impact all those who will utilise the DIP, including:

  • Suppliers
  • Metering community
  • Data services community
  • Distributors
  • BSCCo
  • RECCo

What is proposed?

The proposed DIP arrangements detail the proposed enduring governance, funding and operation of the DIP, including on-boarding, assurance and change management. The guiding principles used during design of the DIP arrangements were to base them on the Code Manager approach suggested by the Code Review, consider industry best practice, and to allow the arrangements to be portable should the DIP Manager role be reassigned.

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