MIDS Review 2018 Consultation


Who will this impact?

The Market Index Definition Statement (MIDS) defines the use of Market Index Data to calculate the Market Index Price (MIP), a price reflective of wholesale electricity for a Settlement Period in the short term market. An annual review of this document is required by the BSC, to ensure that the MIP is providing a reasonable reflection of the price of wholesale electricity in the short term market.

Changes to the MIDS timeband descriptions are recommended following BSC Modification P342, which decoupled the Submission Deadline for Energy Contract Volume Notifications (ECVNs) and Metered Volume Reallocation Notifications (MVRNs) from Gate Closure. BSC Modification P342 was implemented in November 2017.


Please respond using the consultation response form and send your responses, entitled  ‘MIDS Review 2018 Consultation’ , to [email protected]  by 17.00 on Monday 22 October 2018.


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