P361 Assessment Procedure Consultation


Who will this impact?

Under the EU Third Package (Article 2 of Regulation 714/2009) Interconnector flows should be treated as part of the Transmission System and not as Production or Consumption. The current BSC charging arrangements are not aligned with the EU Third Package. This Modification Proposal seeks to exclude Interconnector Balancing Mechanism (BM) Units from the Main Funding Share and SVA (Production) Funding Share BSC Charges, in order to better facilitate the EU Third Package.

The intent of the Proposed solution is that the excluded BSC Charges will be recalculated and re-billed from the implementation date back to the start of the previous financial year (1 April). The effects of this will be that any BSC Charges in the current financial year to date, will be recalculated and re-billed as one lump sum payment, subject to P361 approval.

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