P402 Second Assessment Procedure Consultation


Who will this impact?

We have issued P402 ‘Enabling reform of residual network charging as directed by the Targeted Charging Review’ for Assessment Procedure Consultation, which you are invited to respond to by Tuesday 27 October 2020.

The purpose of this second P402 Assessment Procedure Consultation is to invite BSC Parties and other interested parties to provide their views on the merits of the P402 Proposed and Alternative Solutions. In particular, the Workgroup seeks your views on the Alternative Modification Proposal, which was raised by the Workgroup in response to the first Assessment Procedure Consultation. The P402 Workgroup will then discuss the consultation responses, before making a recommendation to the BSC Panel at its meeting on 16 January 2020 on whether or not to approve P402.

P402 will introduce new reporting requirements on LDSOs and BSCCo that will ensure the provision of data to enable the NETSO to set TNUoS demand residual tariffs and enable accurate billing of subsequent charges.

Please send your response to [email protected] using the form attached to the consultation by Tuesday 15 December 2020.


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