P413 Report Phase Consultation


Who will this impact?

We have issued P413 ‘Enable Elexon to be the Programme Manager for the implementation of Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement’ for Report Phase Consultation, which you are invited to respond to by 1 March 2021 .

P413 will enable Elexon to provide Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Implementation Management services under the BSC, as the BSC Company (BSCCo), where Ofgem determines that Elexon shall provide some or all of these services. Elexon may also appoint a MHHS Implementation Assurance Provider, depending on Ofgem’s preference.

Under the Proposed Modification, Elexon’s costs in providing MHHS Implementation Management services will be recovered from BSC Trading Parties by market share through the BSC’s existing Main Funding Share mechanism.

Under the Alternative Modification, the costs will be recovered solely from Suppliers by market share through a new Specified BSC Charge.

P413 will also enable Elexon to participate in any competitive tender exercise used to appoint MHHS Implementation Management services. Any Elexon bid costs will be recovered from BSC Trading Parties through the Main Funding Share, but subject to a cap.


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