P420 Authority Led SCR Modification Consultation


Who will this impact?

We have issued P420 ‘Retail Code Consolidation Significant Code Review’ for Industry  Consultation, which you are invited to respond to by 17 June 2021.

P420 seeks to ensure the BSC aligns with Ofgem’s Retail Code Consolidation Significant Code Review, which consolidates a number of existing codes into the REC. The proposed changes have a direct impact on the BSC in terms of the transfer of the SVA Metering arrangements from the BSC to the REC and cross-code change procedures, as well as consequential changes reflecting the close down of the MRA.

P420 makes the necessary changes to reflect the code governance changes implemented through the Retail Code Consolidation SCR. Specifically, it will:

  1. Ensure the BSC reflects the close down of the MRA.
  2. Transfer operational procedures relating to Metering Point Lifecycle from the MRA to the BSC.
  3. Make the necessary changes to transfer SVA Metering arrangements to the REC, and facilitate a transition period for metering assurance.
  4. Insert the required drafting to give effect to the CCSG, which will be established under the REC to better facilitate cross-code change


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