P421 Revised Implementation Date Consultation

At the Panel meeting on 9 December 2021, Ofgem noted that there was a risk that they will be unable to make a decision on P421 by 3 February 2021, which is required to meet the standard February 2022 Release. Were this to happen, P421 would ‘time-out’ and be closed.

To mitigate this risk the Panel requested a revised Implementation Date for P421 (in accordance with Section F2.11.18).


Who will this impact?

The Panel is recommending that the Implementation Date is amended to the following:

  • 24 February 2022, if the Authority’s decision is received after 28 October 2021 but before 3 February 2022; or
  • Five Working Days (+5WDs) following the Authority’s decision, but no earlier than 3 March 2022, if the decision is received after 3 February 2022
    • Please note if a decision is received after the 3 February 2022 but before the 3 March 2022 we will treat this for the purposes of implementation of having been received on the 3 March 2022 (to avoid conflicting with the standard February 2022 Release).

It is the second bullet to the P421 Implementation approach that is new i.e. +5WDs after decision.

The Panel has recommend that P421 is approved. It has been submitted to Ofgem for decision as it impacts the EBGL balancing terms and conditions.

Please respond by e-mailing [email protected] with the title ‘P421 Implementation Date Change Consultation’ or alternatively you can leave a telephone response by contacting Chris Arnold on 020 73804221. You are invited to respond by Friday 31 December 2021.

Please answer and provide rationale and views on:

  • Do you agree with the revised Implementation Date?
  • Do you have any other comments?

Further information can be found on the P421 page of our website. 


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