P448 Urgent EBGL Consultation

This Modification would enable Generators to continue generating during a Network Gas Supply Emergency, if it occurs.

The proposed solution would require changes to below BSC documents to create a mechanism in the BSC that allows Load Shedding instructions issued during a Stage 2+ Network Gas Supply Emergency to be treated as Accepted Bids for BSC purposes. The generator will be protected from BSC Imbalance Charges if the Load Shedding prevents them from delivering contracted positions agreed prior to receipt of the Load Shedding instruction:

  • BSC Sections B, G, M, Q, T and X;
  • Balancing and Settlement Code Procedure (BSCP)18;
  • Interface Definition and Design (IDD) Part 2 Document;
  • Settlement Administration Agent (SAA) Service Description; and
  • Settlement Administration Agent User Requirements Specification.



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