P452 Urgent Modification Consultation on Energy Bill Discount Scheme

This Modification seeks to enable Elexon (BSCCo) to act as the payment provider for the Government’s Energy Bill Discount Scheme for non-domestic electricity customers. This scheme will replace the existing Energy Bill Relief (EBR) Scheme.


Who will this impact?

  • Suppliers;
  • Elexon (BSCCo);
  • Trading Parties.

What is proposed?

The activities that Elexon is permitted to undertake are outlined in BSC Section C ‘BSCCo and its Subsidiaries’. Currently, the activities stipulated in BSC Section C do not include provisions for the EBDS scheme. The proposed solution is to make changes to BSC Section C to extend the vires for Elexon. The amendment would have to allow Elexon to undertake a new non-settlement related function as payment provider for the scheme. This role would involve BSCCo processing Supplier requested payments approved by BEIS and providing necessary consumption data reporting for the assurance of the scheme.

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