P466 Report Phase Consultation

This Modification seeks to update BSC Section N ‘Clearing Invoicing and Payment’ to support the effective running of the Funds Administration Agent (FAA). The Modification will align the BSC with Elexon’s updated financial systems and modern banking practices to increase the efficiency of service provided to industry.


Who will this impact?

P466 is expected to impact

  • All BSC Parties
  • Elexon

Party Agents Impacted

  • No Party Agents Impacted

BSC Systems Impacted

  • No BSC Systems Impacted

Documents Impacted

  • Section N
  • Section H
  • Section U
  • Section V
  • Section X-1

What is proposed?

The P466 solution involves amending BSC Section N to align it with modern practices and the updated FAA systems. The processes should reduce duplication and make the process more efficient. The proposal also intends to amend irrelevant references that are now redundant so BSC parties more easily understand the BSC Section. The proposed solution will also allow the flexibility for improvements to the FAA systems that would previously have been limited by the legal text. Although this aligns with the new FAA system this Modification will be a document only change and simply aligns with the new system.

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