Using the Insights Solution website


This page gives information and guidance to help users of the Insights Solution website.  Although this page is on the main BSC website, it relates to the Insights Solution.

The Insights Solution is a public website, collecting and publishing information about the electricity system in Great Britain. Balancing Mechanism and System Related Information is sourced from the System Operator (National Grid), and Registration Information from the Central Registration Agent. The Insights Solution is designed for easy exploration of this GB electricity data.

Data reports available

  • Remit (Regulation on wholesale Energy Markets Integrity and Transparency)
  • Generation
  • Demand
  • Balancing
  • Transparency

Exporting data in CSV, JSON and XML format

The reports on the Insights Solution  website allow you to download the displayed data in Comma Separated Values (CSV), JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)  or XML format. To view or save information based on the filters you have applied click Export and select the file type.

Insights Real-Time Information Service (IRIS)

IRIS is a near real-time, free, publicly available push service for accessing Insights Solution data. It is based on the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) open-source standard and you will need a message client to access the data. You can either write your own client, or use one of our examples (in Python, Node.js and C#) provided on GitHub.

In order to use IRIS, you will need to create an Insights Solution account. You will receive your IRIS client credentials which includes your queue name, client ID and client secret. 

API Documentation

Elexon Insights Solution API Documentation is a comprehensive self service area for developers and Elexon data users to discover our published API endpoints. You can access technical documentations, schemas and standard definitions such as Open API, WADL and codes.


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