Training on Market Domain Data


This course will be of interest to anyone who deals with Market Domain Data (MDD), especially Suppliers and Licensed Distribution System Operators (LDSOs). The course provides a high level overview of MDD and its associated administration and change process. Attendees should be familiar with the Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) arrangements of the electricity industry.

Course Overview

  • Overview and purpose of MDD
  • Management and change process of MDD
  • High level description of data Items within MDD
  • Role and responsibility of MDD Change originator – a BSC Party
  • Roles and responsibilities of SVAA and Elexon

Course Objectives

  • The structure and purpose of MDD
  • Requirements on BSC Party when submitting changes
  • Role of MDD change originators, the SVA Agent and Elexon
  • How to manage and change MDD

Booking the course

On Demand

Elexon or customers’ offices

This course is free of charge to BSC Parties and BSC Party Agents. Elexon may charge other
organisations for training services.


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