Smart Meter Technical Detail Report (archive only)


Please note that the report on August 2021 data will be the last Smart Meter Technical Details report Elexon produces, and is only for information.

The Smart Meter Technical Details report has been used to monitor compliance with Balancing and Settlement Code obligations regarding the sending of Meter Technical Details over the foundation and mass roll-out phases of the smart Meter roll-out.

Retail Energy Code

Since the introduction of the Retail Energy Code these obligations no longer sit within the Balancing and Settlement Code and instead are managed by the REC.

For more information about the Retail Energy Code and how your Retail Energy Code Obligations are monitored and managed please see the Retail Energy Code Portal.

Last Smart Meter Technical Details report

Summary of the data

During August 2021 SMETS v2.0 installs constitute the majority of exchanges (89% of total Meter installs over the month). 

The number of SMETS v2.0 installs in August 2021 decreased from 195k to 163k. The proportion of late MTDs for SMETS v2.0 exchanges was 3.55% in August 2021.

The proportion of corrected MTDs for SMETS v2.0 exchanges decreased to 1.01% in July 2021. 

We note that in the August 2021 reporting period, the number of SMETS v1.0 Meters installed was 9k. 

Data for August 2021 reporting period


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