IT notices: Planned Elexon IT systems outage on 11 April 2019

IT system maintenance will take place between 12:00 (BST) and 16:00 (BST) on Thursday 11 April 2019.

This is an Elexon IT systems outage and will not affect the BSC Central Systems.

How will I be affected?

During the outage, Elexon may receive the TIBCO messages intermittently; as a result the indicative Best View Prices may deviate more than usual from final prices from 12:00 until 16:00 on Thursday 11 April 2019.

These prices will not be recalculated and will remain potentially less accurate until replaced by the Interim Information (II) run.

No further information is included in this circular.

Why is the outage required?

The outage is due to necessary maintenance on Elexon’s internal infrastructure.





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