External groups


There are a number of external groups or meetings that are relevant to the electricity industry but which are not part of the formal Elexon Committees and governance structure. Some of these are coordinated by Elexon and others are coordinated externally.

Joint European Stakeholder Group

The Joint European Stakeholder Group (JESG) is a pan-industry GB Stakeholder forum which will cover the development, Comitology process and implementation of European Network Codes (ENC), and other areas of European electricity policy such as infrastructure policy. The Joint European Stakeholder Group provides a single group for GB stakeholder to engage on all aspects of European Policy.

Design Working Group for Market Wide Half-Hourly Settlement

The Design Working Group (DWG) has been tasked with supporting Ofgem in the Elexon led project to design and assess the Target Operating Models (TOMs) for Market Wide Half-Hourly Settlement.

Elexon Design Authority will, as part of the Ofgem SCR, lead the design work to develop the options and recommendations for the TOM to provide to Ofgem for decision. This will be primarily through production of design strawmen and then through expert Design Working Group development and reviews.

The DWG will be chaired by Elexon and have experts from all aspects of the energy community, including consumer representatives, industry organisations and innovators/new technology bodies.


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