BSC Panel 344

This is the meeting page for BSC Panel 344

Change Business

  • Change Report 344/02
  • ‘Housekeeping and changing “Citizens Advice Scotland” to “Consumer Scotland”’ Initial Written Assessment 344/14
  • ‘Standard BSC Change Modification’ Initial Written Assessment 344/03
  • P461 ‘Accurate Reporting of Customers Delivered Volumes to Suppliers’ – Initial Written Assessment 344/04
  • P462 ‘The removal of subsidies from Bid Prices in the Balancing Mechanism’ – Initial Written Assessment 344/05
  • P454 ‘Removal of BSC obligations to provide BMRS Data via TIBCO and the High Grade Service’ – Assessment Report 344/06
  • P465 ‘Correction to the P415 Legal Text’ Initial Written Assessment’ 344/07


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