1. Introduction, apologies & meeting objectives – Kathryn Coffin
  2. Update on new transition/migration deliverable – Kathryn Coffin
  3. Updates on other SCR work streams – Saskia Barker
  4. Design questions arising since last meeting – Mark De Souza-Wilson / Matt McKeon / Kevin Spencer
  5. Agree key messages for consultation document – Kevin Spencer / Matt McKeon
  6. Agree assessment against Ofgem’s Design & Development Principles – Kevin Spencer
  7. Agree consultation questions – Kevin Spencer
  8. Update on REC and interaction with matrices – Saskia Barker
  9. Agree BSC Change Matrices – Kevin Spencer
  10. Agree MRA Change Matrix – Jon Hawkins
  11. Agree DCUSA Change Matrix – John Lawton
  12. Agree consultation messaging on CUSC changes (TNUoS) – Kevin Spencer
  13. Agree consultation messaging on DUoS interactions – Kevin Spencer
  14. Summary & next steps – Kathryn Coffin


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