DWG 20


1.Introduction, apologies and meeting objectives – Verbal – Kathryn Coffin
2.Review new content in final report:
● Executive Summary – (p.4-6)
● Other SCR work streams and further work required – (p.9-10)
● DWG’s discussion of TOM consultation responses -(p.14-15)
● DWG’s discussion of transition consultation responses – (p.19-21)
● Potential ‘quick win’ changes and areas for further consideration -(p.22-23)
● Any other comments on report Draft report sent to members on 2 August – Kevin Spencer
3.Next steps and timescales for submitting report – Verbal – Kevin Spencer
4.Ofgem SCR update:
● Request for Information – (published 12 August)
● Next phase of work / further workgroup after DWG concludes – RfI / Confidential draft Terms of Reference – Jasmine Killen
5.DWG19 Headline Report and actions – Actions log – Kathryn Coffin
6.Summary and next steps – Verbal – Kathryn Coffin


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