Issue 83 meeting 2


  1. Welcome and Housekeeping
  2. Review of last meeting and actions
  3. Detailed walkthrough of the BPA calculation process and what the BPA seeks to achieve. What os the value of the BPA?
  4. Discussion of what products are used for what purpose and what costs should appriopriately be reflected in any price adjuster
  5. How does the EBGL allow adhusters to be reflected? What is the preferred mechanism to capture these costs going forwards?
  6. Next steps and A.O.B.

Teleconference details

+44 (0) 207 380 4005
Conference Id: 3540149
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If you would like to join the Issue 83 ‘Ensuring that the Buy Price Price Adjustment reflects all additional balancing costs incurred by NGESO’ group, please email [email protected]


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