P441 Workgroup meeting 3

The third meeting for P441 ‘Creation of Complex Site Classes’  will take place on Tuesday 17 January 2023 from 09:30 until 13:30.

Meeting Objectives:

  • Continue the discussion on ToR f ‘Impact of Class 5 Complex Site on Network and BSC Charges’
  •  Determine the criteria for registering MSIDs
  • Determine the interactions between P441 and the MHHS Programme
  • Consider any potential solution(s) which may require further development for discussion at future meetings 
  • Confirm the next steps


1.  Welcome and meeting objectives
2. What MSIDs need to be registered for each Complex Site Class?
3.  Impact of  Class 5 Complex Sites on BSUoS and TNUoS Charges
4. P441 impact on Market Wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Programme
5. Recap on Terms of Reference
6. Next Steps
7. AOB & Meeting close


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