1. Apologies – Oliver Meggitt


2. MDD Change Requests for Version 302 – 235/01 – Freya Gardner
3. CP1531 ‘Additionally provide the TUoS Report to National Grid ESO at the II Settlement Run’ Assessment Report – 235/03 – Paul Wheeler
4. CP1534 ‘Introduce Change of Supplier (CoS) – No Meter Process’ Assessment Report – 235/04 – Andrew Grace
5. CP1532 ‘Reduce Half Hourly Change of Supplier timelines to meet the Initial Settlement Run’ Assessment Report – 235/05 – Andrew Grace
6. CP1533 ‘Mandatory Sending of D0052 for DCC serviced SVA NHH Metering Systems’ Assessment Report- 235/06 – Andrew Grace
7. CP1537 ‘Extending the timescales for agreeing Technical Assurance of Performance Assurance Parties (TAPAP) Findings Reports’ Progression Paper – 235/07 – Nicholas Brocklesby

Tabled items

8. SVG & ISG Meeting Dates 2021
9. Headlines of BSC Panel Meeting 304 – Tom Edwards
10. BSC Operations Headline Report Panel 304/02
11. Change Report Panel 304/03


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