1.Apologies-Oli Meggitt

Part I: Public Session
Information Papers

2.Update to committee Change Proposal process-Verbal-Elliott Harper
3.New CP – ‘HHDC Use of D0051’ Progression Paper-SVG242/04-Andrew Grace

Decision Papers

4.CP1539 ‘Inclusion of LCCC as an Affected party in Metering Dispensation applications’ Assessment Report-SVG242/08-Nicholas Brocklesby
5.MDD Change Requests for Version 310-SVG242/01-Freya Gardner
6.Allocating New Grid Supply Points (GSPs) to a GSP Group – Barking Central-SVG242/02-Dnieper Cruz
7.Update on Central System and Industry Testing for Targeted Charging Review impact on MDD and LLFs-SVG242/07-Sarah Ross

Information Papers

8.Protocol Approval – BT Plc (BTUK)-SVG242/05-Stephen Newsam
9.Compliance Testing of the EMLite EMA1 Meter/Outstation type and Protocol Approval for TMA Data Management Ltd (HHDC)-SVG242/06-Mike Smith
10.Consumers being able to return to being NHH settled after migration under P272-Verbal-Gavin Anderson

Part II: Confidential Session

Part III: Public Session

Information Papers

11.Options for evolving the assessment of requests to consider supply as exempt for EMR purposes and potential enduring solutions-SVG242/03-Gavin Anderson

Tabled Items

12.BSC Operations Headline Report
13.Change Report

Other Items

14.Actions-Paige Binet/Oli Meggitt
15.Panel Updat-Tom Edwards
16.Minutes from previous meeting-Paige Binet/
Oli Meggitt
17.Any other business-All

Next Meeting
Tuesday 4 May 2021


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