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Modification: P359

Mechanised process for GC/DC declarations

Proposer: SSE Ltd

Current Phase: Assessment Procedure

Lead Analyst: Jemma Williams

Category: Credit

Implementation Date: TBD


P359 seeks to introduce a new mechanised process for GC and DC re-declarations following a breach of Section K3.4.3.


At its meeting on 14 September 2017, the Panel agreed upon ELEXON’s recommendation to send this Modification to Assessment Phase.

As not enough members joined the P359 Workgroup to meet the minimum number of five members, ELEXON extended the response deadline for joining the Workgroup for another two weeks. The first Workgroup meeting was held on 19 October 2017. The second Workgroup meeting is scheduled for 23 January 2018.


P359 - Proposal Form  [263.4 Kb]
Document Date: 6 September 2017