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Modification: P359

Mechanised process for GC/DC declarations

Proposer: SSE Ltd

Current Phase: Assessment Procedure

Lead Analyst: Jemma Williams

Category: Credit

Implementation Date: 1 November 2018 (November 2018 Release)


P359 seeks to introduce a new mechanised process for GC and DC re-declarations following a breach of Section K3.4.3.


At its meeting on 14 September 2017, the Panel agreed upon ELEXON’s recommendation to send this Modification to Assessment Phase.

As ELEXON was not able to attract the minimum number of five members to join the P359 Workgroup, the response deadline for joining the Workgroup was extended for two weeks, which resulted in a one month delay.

The first Workgroup meeting was held on 19 October 2017. As part of the solution development, the Workgroup requested that ELEXON conduct further analysis on eight different areas. The Workgroup agreed that the next meeting should be held following the completion of the analysis, to ensure that the work could be considered in its totality.

ELEXON discussed the impact this would have on the timeline with the Workgroup. Based on the required analysis,and competing commitments from other Industry Workgroups, the Workgroup agreed that it would be sensible to hold the next meeting in the New Year, which would result in a three month delay.

Due to the delay in forming the first Workgroup, and the length of time required to complete the analysis, the BSC Panel agreed a four month extension to the Assessment Procedure Consultation at the November meeting.

The second P359 Workgroup was held on 23 January 2018. Following the meeting, ELEXON circulated draft business requirements to the Workgroup and service providers for impact assessment. ELEXON’s service providers provided a response and costings to both sets of Business Requirements. In their response ELEXON’s service providers highlighted a number of enhancements to the automated solution for ELEXON to consider. As such, the business requirements for the automated solution were re-issued for a second impact assessment, to ensure that the solution is costed correctly ahead of the next Workgroup meeting. This resulted in the pre-arranged meeting being postponed by a fortnight. For this reason, a one month extension was approved by the March BSC Panel.

The third P359 Workgroup was held 6 March 2018. The Assessment Procedure Consultation has been issued, with responses due by 6 April 2018. The Assessment Report will be presented to the BSC Panel in May.


P359 - Proposal Form  [263.4 Kb]
Document Date: 6 September 2017