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Modification: P362

Introducing BSC arrangements to facilitate an electricity market sandbox

Proposer: BSC Panel

Current Phase: Assessment Procedure

Lead Analyst: Lawrence Jones

Category: Governance

Implementation Date: Not set - Workgroup to reccommend to the Panel as part of the Assessment Procedure


Appropriate provisions do not exist to enable pre-competitive or proof of concept testing for innovative products/business models in the live BSC Settlement environment. This Modification Proposal seeks to enable the Panel to grant derogation of certain BSC obligations to participants of ELEXON’s BSC sandbox.

P362 is a document only change and is expected to impact only ELEXON as part of implementation. However, we have indicated on this page that P362 will impact BSC Parties and Party Agents, as well as BSC Central Systems. This is because P362 may impact anyone wishing to participate in the sandbox and may impact BSC systems and processes. These impacts will need to be considered on a case by case basis as part of the sandbox application process.


The first Workgroup meeting will be held on Wednesday, 13 December 2017, at the ELEXON offices.

ELEXON recommended to the Panel, at its meeting on 9 November 2017, that a Modification should be raised to introduce an electricity market sandbox into the BSC arrangements. The Panel agreed to raise the Modification Proposal in accordance with Section F2.1.1(d)(i). The first Workgroup meeting is planned for the week commencing 11 December 2017.  The first P362 Workgroup will focus on the areas that will need to be considered for the P362 solution, including how the solution can work across industry.

The Panel believed the most benefit for industry would be realised in delivering a cross-code sandbox process and asked ELEXON to co-ordinate and facilitate a workshop (outside of P362) with other code administrators to that end.


P362 Initial Written Assessment  [724.5 Kb]
Document Date: 9 November 2017

P362 Proposal Form  [405.7 Kb]
Document Date: 9 November 2017