P463 ‘Introduce a Standard Change Process’

Formal title: Introduce a Standard Change Process

To introduce a new change process – a ‘Standard Change’ process – into the BSC arrangements that would allow for certain, low risk, predictable and repeatable pre-authorised changes to be implemented without following the existing Change Proposal or Modification procedures.

Currently, all changes to the BSC and BSC Configurable Items are required to go through the Change Process, either as a Modification Proposal (Mod) or as a Change Proposal (CP). Although these processes are very effective, there are some instances in which the process may be considered overly bureaucratic and burdensome for impacted stakeholders. A number of routine and low risk changes, and changes to standing data have been identified where public consultation and Committee approval may be considered disproportionate and unnecessary. A more efficient process should be used for these Change types.

Current Status

Assessment Procedure
Report Phase
With Authority
Awaiting Implementation


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