Training Video on Managing Erroneous EACs and AAs


This page contains training videos and training materials on Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC) / Annualised Advance (AA). This will interest customers working in Supply, Non Half Hourly (NHH) Data Aggregator or NHH Data Collector businesses. It is aimed at customers directly involved with the large Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC)/ Annualised Advance(AA) issue at operational or managerial level. 

What is covered in these training videos

  • Introduction to the issue overview of EACs and AAs
  • Erroneously large EACs and AAs, Elexon monitoring the large EAC and AA monitoring system
  • Measures of materiality (Supplier Energy Allocation Error and Gross Uncorrected Energy Error)
  • Interaction with the Trading Disputes process
  • Managing the issue prioritisation, corrective action, preventative action

Operational guidance


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