Aaron Seamer

Aaron is a member of the BSC committee and groups that support our BSC change and operational processes.

Aaron has over 30 years’ experience in the electricity supply industry, which commenced with the CEGB at Generation sites throughout the South Eastern Region of the CEGB, then he moved into Transmission with National Grid after privatisation of the electricity industry in 1990.

Initially Aaron trained in Control & Instrumentation while with the CEGB before specialising in Electrical Measurements and Metering when he joined National Grid as an electrical measurements engineer. Following privatisation of the electricity industry Aaron has been heavily involved with all aspects of half hourly settlement metering and data collection in several metering businesses.

After approximately 10 years with National Grid, Aaron joined Siemens Metering where he manages their specialist Grid Metering business segment. While working with Siemens Aaron works closely with many industry participants, including generators, network operators, contractors and developers whose projects need to comply with the BSC requirements.

This experience with power stations, transmission and distribution network substations and settlement metering closely relates to many topics raised with the Imbalance Settlement Group and helps him to provide support to this group

Committee membership


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