Anshu Choudhary

I am a Senior Change Analyst within the Rules Management team, responsible for progressing BSC Changes, Modifications and Issues.

Role at Elexon

I recently joined Elexon in September 2023 as a Senior Change Analyst managing the progress of selected Modifications and Change Proposals. My role involves working with experts from industry and within Elexon to assess and progress BSC changes. The BSC Change process can be used in response to any problems that may be identified in the current processes to make changes to the BSC, the Code Subsidiary Documents, and BSC Systems.

Experience in the industry

Prior to starting at Elexon, I served as a Civil Servant in the UK and Scottish Governments leading on a number of projects in various policy domains including international healthcare workforce and Net Zero.

Experience outside of Elexon

I have also worked at Government of India providing strategic support in the design and implementation of flagship programmes for skills development and eradicating poverty. I advised social enterprises across the globe working towards achieving gender equality via education, entrepreneurship and financial inclusion.

My academic background is in Engineering, International Social and Public Policy.


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