Ayo Bammeke

I am a BSC Change Analyst within the Rules Management team, responsible for progressing BSC Changes, Modifications and Issues.

Role at Elexon

I serve as a BSC (Balancing and Settlement Code) Change Analyst in the Rules Management team at Elexon. My role focuses on managing and implementing changes to the BSC framework, which is crucial for maintaining the equilibrium and efficiency of the UK’s electricity market.

Experience at Elexon

I joined Elexon in March 2023 and have since been involved in progressing BSC Changes. This encompasses a range of activities including Modifications, Change Proposals, and Issues. The objective is to continuously adapt and improve the BSC arrangements in response to any challenges or inefficiencies identified by the market participants. The change process allows for adjustments not just to the main BSC, but also its Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs) and the underlying BSC Systems.

Experience in the Industry

Prior to my role at Elexon, I worked within the energy industry, specifically with Suppliers. In that capacity, I was responsible for customer service, fielding queries across multiple channels from billing to service interruptions. This hands-on experience has granted me invaluable insights into the customer side of operations, which now informs my analytical approach to managing changes in the BSC framework.


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