Cecilia Portabales

I am a Senior Change Analyst within the Rules Management team, responsible for progressing BSC Changes, Modifications and Issues.

Role at Elexon

I joined Elexon in September 2022 as a Senior Change Analyst managing the progress of selected Modifications, Change Proposals and Issues. I have been involved in progressing BSC Changes such as Issue 104 and Issue 108 (both related to the Radio Teleswitch Devices), and Issue 106 relating to a Review of the BSC Credit Cover Arrangements.

Experience at Elexon

I manage the Change Team’s webpages on the BSC website to ensure that they are helpful and create a positive customer experience. If you have any comments or feedback about the Change web pages, please feel free to contact me.

I’m also an active member of Elexon’s Diversity Forum. 

The aim of our Diversity Forum is to be a catalyst for positive Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) change within Elexon and where possible within the industry; to live to our values and work to make Elexon equal, diverse and inclusive; and ensure Elexon’s EDI actions are progressed and applied where appropriate.

Experience outside of Elexon

Before starting at Elexon, I served for over eight years as a Civil Servant for the Argentinian government. My background is in Social Policy, Urban Development and policy planning and delivery.


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