David Lane

David was reappointed as the Representative of Distribution System Operators in November 2005, having started in this role when the Panel commenced operation in August 2000 at the time of NETA go-active. Previously he attended the Pool Executive Committee.

He is an independent consultant and owner of CLEARenergy Limited, with over 36 years experience of electricity distribution practice and energy trading arrangements, having worked in senior management roles in Eastern Electricity, SWEB, South Western Power and Western Power Distribution. David was an elected Industry Member of the National Grid CUSC Amendments Panel since inauguration in 2001, until standing down in September 2005.

He currently provides services for international clients in developing technical, licensing, performance and customer contract codes in emerging energy markets. David also provides input into expert groups established under Ofgems development of distribution governance, and participates in BSC Modification Groups.


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