Helen Bird

I am the Product Owner for the Digital Code site which enables customers access the BSC and its subsidiary documents, the Guidance Notes collection and Simple Guides collection.

Role at Elexon

As the Product Owner for the Digital Code site I oversee the development roadmap of the site on behalf of Elexon and our customers.

Elexon has developed this dedicated site to enable customers to have much easier access to the BSC and its subsidiary documents. The site includes the BSC, Codes of Practice (CoPs) and BSC Procedures (BSCPs), Guidance Notes, Simple Guides, Interface Definitions Documents, Business Definition Documents, User Requirement Specifications, Service Descriptions and Category 3 documents.

The site includes improved functionality along with an advanced search option and allowed Elexon to move away from the previous dependency of the published PDF documents which are now part of a download option on each of the web pages within the Digital Code.

Experience in the industry

I worked at IMserv from 2013 – 2021 and worked my way up to Metering Services team leader moving on to Field Services operations. During my roles in the Metering Services team I worked with Elexon on TAPAP audits and the P283 change group. I also supported training sessions run by IMServ and attended by Elexon colleagues.

I worked at Mercedes-Benz as a Business Analyst from 2021 until 2023. I was a champion of the customer journey in IT and supported their digital sales program culminating in the successful upgrade of the Online Showroom.


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