Lawrence Jones

My role as Head of Rules Management is to oversee the Change team, the Committees and the Document Management processes. Rules Management is accountable for maintenance of the BSC through governance (via committees and panels) and leading the BSC change process. 

Role at Elexon

I became Head of Rules Management in July 2020 after being BSC Change Manager, a role that is accountable for all BSC Changes and fulfil the Modification Secretary role under the BSC.

I am also the Senior Product Owner of the Digital Code site.

Experience at Elexon

I joined the BSC Change Team in November 2016 as the Change Team Leader, looking after the Change Analysts. Previously I had been an Assurance Analyst at Elexon as well as a Disputes Analyst and Operational Support Manager.

Interviews, presentations and articles

Experience within the industry

In 2013 I joined the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) project at Elexon as Transition Manager. During my time within the EMR team, I provided consultative advice to the then Department of Energy and Climate Change in development of its policy. I was also the lead analyst for writing the BSC changes required for EMR, delivered the EMR operational business processes and managed EMR changes.


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