Oliver Meggitt

My role as Head Of Assurance includes managing the process that  monitors the compliance of all BSC parties and to run the Performance Assurance activities. 

Role at Elexon

Each year, the BSC Panel and the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) use the Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) to manage Settlement Risks. The Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) is in place to provide assurance that:

  • Energy is allocated between Suppliers efficiently, correctly and accurately
  • Suppliers and Supplier Agents transfer Metering System data efficiently and accurately
  • Calculations and allocations of energy and the associated Trading Charges are performed within the BSC requirements

Performance Assurance Techniques (PATs) are applied to Performance Assurance Parties (PAPs) based on the Settlement Risks that they pose.

Experience at Elexon

I joined Elexon in January 2010, working in the Monitoring and Disputes team. I was involved in the production and analysis of performance reports for the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) and also provided reports to our customers.

I then became involved with Performance Assurance Reporting and Monitoring System (PARMS) and focused on the implementation of the new PARMS Serials in the summer of 2011. This meant I worked closely with the PAB and our customers in delivering training on the new Serials, answer queries and providing support and also to the Operational Support Manager (OSMs) prior and during the initial go live period.

I have continued to support our customers by providing additional data and information to help them understand their reports, working with our developers to ensure the reports we produce meet the needs of our customers.

Committee membership


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