Stuart Cotten

Stuart joined the energy industry in 2001 and has been involved in BSC matters from the start. His career began in a trading support function, before moving into gas and electricity contract management and then into energy
market regulation and policy.

Working within the Regulation and Policy team at Drax Power Limited, Stuart is primarily responsible for GB wholesale electricity market arrangements and their development. Over the last seven years, Stuart has been an active participant in government, regulator and industry-led work-streams. This has involved participation in a number of expert groups, most recently DECC’s Capacity Market Expert Group and Ofgem’s Future Trading Arrangements Forum.

Since joining the BSC Panel in 2010, Stuart has been a member of the Credit Committee and has acted as Panel Sponsor to the Trading Disputes Committee. Stuart is also currently a member of the CUSC Governance Standing Group (GSG), the APX Market Development Advisory Board and chairman of Energy UK’s Electricity Trading Subcommittee.


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