Tom Edwards

Tom has been working in the electricity Industry for nine years his roles include engaging with policy and regulatory change, modelling and forecasting revenues in the Ancillary Services, Power and Capacity markets, and advising clients in the supply and generation markets on market entry and regulatory change. Tom is currently employed by Cornwall Insight a leading independent consultant and provider of market intelligence on the UK energy sector.

Tom’s experience has been put to good use in practical ways as an active member of many development groups charged with considering and delivering changes to market rules, including the BSC, Transmission and Distribution charging areas. Tom was a member of the Network Access and Forwards Looking Charges and BSUoS Task Forces and has a thorough understanding of the interconnected changes proposed by Ofgem. Tom was a member of the Imbalance Settlement Group subcommittee and is currently the Panel sponsor for the Supplier Volume Allocation Group and the BMRS change board.

Tom is passionate about the data available in the electricity market, and is a keen user of the BMRS, National Grid Data Portal and ENTSOE Transparency tools, as well as being part of the modification group which helped to set up the BMRS change board. Tom would like to see transparent, timely and useful data made available to the industry where possible and is always keen to make sure data availability is considered as part of any change modification that comes through the BSC. In an Ideal world there would be one shop window with an easily accessible API for all electricity industry data, and perhaps the BMRS can be the prototype.

Tom has engaged with emerging business models such as Battery Storage, Community Energy and Electric Vehicles and was involved in in six of the eight successful tenders for the Enhanced Frequency Response tender in 2016. Tom understands the complexities facing the future of new technologies and is looking forward to engaging with new entrants as part of the BSC sandbox programme under P362.

Engaging with a wide range of energy companies has given Tom an appreciation of the importance of market arrangements that deliver fairness, transparency and encourage competition.


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