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Bulk Change of Non Half Hourly Agent

Bulk Change of Non Half Hourly Agent is designed to provide the BSC Panel and Performance Assurance Board (PAB) assurance that when responsibilities for large volumes of Non Half Hourly (NHH) Metering Systems change, it’s done in a controlled way. It’s about checking that the Supplier, Supplier Agent(s) and Supplier Metering Registration Agents (SMRAs) involved perform the necessary procedures appropriately so they don’t impact other Suppliers. This helps protect the integrity of settlement.

When do you use the process?

The process is mandatory where the number of NHH Metering Systems planned for the change of agent exceeds the threshold. This threshold is approved by the BSC Panel (see BSC Section J 4.2.5) and is currently set at 20,000 per day per SMRA.

The process takes two different paths depending on whether the change is enforced:

  • If a Supplier Agent breaches its contractual obligations, has its Qualified status removed, or goes into liquidation then the change is enforced.
  • If a Supplier wishes to change Supplier Agent the change is not enforced.

How does the process work?

Applications to perform a Bulk Change of Agent (not enforced) are submitted to the PAB. The PAB considers a number of factors when reviewing an application. These can include:

  • Status of BSC Audit issues affecting the Supplier and Supplier Agents involved;
  • Previous Bulk Change of NHH Agent applications;
  • Other activities, e.g. re-Qualification applications; and
  • Their contingency plans.
  • When an application is approved, the Supplier performs the Agent migration and we monitor the progress. The Supplier confirms with us that Bulk Change of Agent is complete and may specify their actions to address any failures.

Where a Bulk Change of Agent is enforced, we encourage Suppliers to use the Bulk Change of Agent process to add assurance to the process. The BSC Panel is notified about enforced changes.

Performance Assurance Framework

The Bulk Change of Agent (BCoA) process is a key preventive technique in ELEXON’s Performance Assurance Framework

Notice of Bulk Change of Agent Approval

There is currently no Bulk Change of Agent activity in progress. Details will be provided here when an application is approved by the Performance Assurance Board.