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The Communications and Engagement Team oversees all internal and external communications. We are also responsible for the digital customer experience and management of the digital channels such as the BSC website, social media and Elexon company website.

Is yours an operational enquiry?

For operational systems and service enquiries, please use the BSC Service Desk form.

By raising a ticket with the BSC Service Desk this will ensure that your enquiry is registered within our service management system, allocated a ticket reference, and quickly assigned to the appropriate business team.

Operational enquiries include queries relating to: BSC Portal; BMRS; Central Registration Agent; Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent; Energy Price Guarantee; Funds Administration Agent; Kinnect Customer Solution; Supplier Volume Allocation Agent; and Settlement Administration Agent.

General enquiries

Please complete the web form below if you have a general enquiry relating to any of the following:

  • Newscast
  • Elexon Circulars
  • Events – eg Elexon seminar: Introduction to the energy market
  • our social media channels
  • This website
  • General feedback

Your enquiry will then be sent to the Communications & Engagement Team who manage these specific areas.


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