Avanade appointed as the Data Integration Platform Service Provider

Following a thorough procurement process, the Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Programme and Elexon are pleased to announce the appointment of Avanade with their Microsoft Azure infrastructure solution as the Data Integration Platform Service Provider (DIPSP) for the Programme. 

What is the Data Integration Platform?

A vital technical component of the transition to MHHS is the introduction of the DIP which will be a new middleware service to process messages to and from participants using next generation event messaging architecture.

This new platform delivers a cloud-native, serverless service which will provide the resilience, availability and scalability required to enable Programme Parties to move to half-hourly Settlement.

For the benefit of the industry, Elexon decided to partner with an expert IT delivery team to ensure sufficient
capacity and talent to run a complex, technical transition and long-term maintenance of the platform.

Elexon’s experience in managing data

Elexon Chief Executive, Simon McCalla, said:

“Development of the DIP is an essential step towards implementation of MHHS. The data the DIP will provide also supports progress to Net Zero. Elexon was appointed as the initial operator for the DIP based on our experience of managing large volumes of energy data, and developing and operating cloud-native architectures similar to that being deployed for the DIP.

One of the primary use cases of the DIP will be for Suppliers to send half-hourly data to Elexon so that it can be processed for faster, more accurate Settlement. Elexon has ensured that the design and operation of the DIP optimises the data and process integration of the DIP and BSC systems. Most importantly, as a not for profit business, we will operate the DIP for the benefit of all industry parties and consumers.”

Design approval of the DIP

The Architecture Working Group initially developed the high-level design for the event-driven architecture

Following the formation of the MHHS Programme, the Design Team, in collaboration with
members of the Technical Design Working Group and the Security Design Working Group, produced the
functional and non-functional design of the DIP that was consequently approved by the Design Advisory
Group (DAG) in May 2022.

Why Avanade was chosen

A number of high-quality proposals were assessed. Avanade proposed the best value for money, a flexible
and ‘hands-on’ approach. It demonstrated technical proficiency, flexibility, and adaptability in collaborating
with Elexon’s Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) function and healthy partnership behaviours throughout the

Using technology to improve the experience of Programme participants

Mark Corley, Head of Energy & Utilities, Avanade, said:

“We’re delighted to be chosen as Elexon’s trusted provider to develop the new DIP. We are committed to driving Net Zero which the DIP will help enable. It’s increasingly important to consider how to drive more efficiencies, agility and streamline processes through innovation.

For Elexon, specifically, we’re excited to work with the team in harnessing the power of Microsoft
technology to deliver a better experience for all those that are part of the MHHS Programme.”

Avanade will be tasked with designing, building and testing the DIP and supporting industry-wide end-to-end Industry Systems Integration Testing (SIT). Management and oversight of Avanade, as the DIP Service
Provider, will be handed over to core Elexon operations teams to run and maintain.

About the Avanade team working on the DIP


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