CCDG recommendations following MHHS transition consultation

Elexon has today published and delivered to Ofgem the recommendations made by the Code Change and Development Group (CCDG), following the CCDG’s consultation on the transition and migration approach to support Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) implementation.

The CCDG is one of two industry workgroups for which Elexon has been providing technical leadership, to support further development of the MHHS Target Operating Model.

About the transition and migration consultation

The CCDG consultation was published in July 2021 and 21 responses were received. We thank all respondents for their input.

The consultation covered these main areas:

  • CCDG Transition recommendations in addition to the MHHS Significant Code Review timeline for implementation
  • Transition milestones
  • Performance Assurance for MHHS. 

The CCDG’s recommendations aim to ensure that the transition to MHHS happens as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

In order to take forward some of the recommendations, the CCDG is asking Ofgem to consider and direct whether certain obligations can be implemented under existing industry code change processes, or by the independent MHHS Programme. Alternatively Ofgem could use a different mechanism to ensure that changes are implemented in line with the proposed timetable.

The CCDG’s recommendations following the consultation

In summary, the CCDG’s eight recommendations are:

1  Enabling registration data and process changes to support the MHHS transition

A subset of the Registration Service data items required for MHHS should be introduced before migration commences in October 2024.

2. Data Cleanse activity for newly introduced Registration Service (SMRS) data items

Once the new registration data items and supporting interfaces and processes have been introduced, there should be a period of data cleansing from February 2023 to October 2024

3. Obligations to facilitate early HH settlement in the Advanced Meter Segment

The BSC definition of an Advanced Meter needs to align with that in the Electricity Supply Licence. Explicit Half Hourly (HH) Settlement and remote communications obligations should be set for current transformer (CT) Advanced Meters ahead of the migration to MHHS.

4. Early introduction of a ‘one way gate’ to prevent reverse migration in all market segments

It would be best to remove the possibility of returning Meter Point Administration Number (MPANs) back from MHHS to the current arrangements, by making MPANs in all market segments subject to a ‘one-way gate’ once the migration begins.

5. Registration of unregistered export MPANs

There should be a flexible approach where the export MPAN can be registered before or after the import MPAN is migrated.

6. Coordinating the migration to MHHS

The overall migration plan should be set at market level and coordinated centrally, accounting for the capacity constraints of MHHS services and participant/agent systems.

7. Runoff of current Settlement arrangements

Runoff arrangements should identify where reconciliation runs can be truncated to minimise the need to keep legacy systems running where Settlement is sufficiently accurate, or where making corrections at later runs is not cost effective.

8. A period of mandatory Change of Measurement Class (CoMC) activity for all Non- HH Un-metered MPANs, running from October 2023 to October 2024

NHH UMS MPANs should be moved to HH Settlement between October 2023 and October 2024 to mitigate the risk of not meeting the transition timetable set out by Ofgem in its Full Business Case to mandate MHHS implementation. 

The CCDG proposes that the registration item data cleanse activity, and the early CoMC activity in recommendations 1, 3 and 8 should be subject to assurance and monitoring by the BSC Performance Assurance Board.

Recommendations document and consultation responses 

You can see the recommendations document in full together with the consultation responses on the CCDG transition consultation webpage


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