Changes to Outstation requirements introduced on 30 June 2022

We are in the process of contacting Outstation manufacturers to confirm whether or not their Outstations currently comply with the new requirements. This is because the Issue numbers and versions of Codes of Practice 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 are changing and will be implemented on 30 June 2022 via the June 2022 BSC Release.

How it relates to you

This is to require newly installed or replacement Meters with integral Outstations, or Outstations that are separate from their Meters, to be configured with a minimum of 90 days of Half Hourly (HH) data per Outstation channel.

They will also have to have capability to select an integration period of 30, 20, 15, 10 or 5 minutes.

Some Outstations are already capable of being configured to record 90 days per Outstation channel and have the functionality to be able to select any of the integration periods required. Others will not.

Under Issue 97, Elexon raised Metering Dispensation D/535 to allow Outstations that only comply with the current Issues and versions of CoPs 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10, to continue to be installed for a period 18 months, until 30 December 2023.

Where the manufacturer confirms that their Outstation type complies, we will be issuing them new Certificates of Compliance and we will update the CoP Compliance and Protocol Approval list to reflect this closer to the CP1527 Implementation Date.

Any other changes to these CoPs coming in on 30 June 2022 or after, will need to be complied with unless a suitable Metering Dispensation is sought and approved against other non-compliances.

BSC Changes

Change Proposals

CP1527: Increase the minimum data storage capacity for Settlement Outstations and mandate specific selectable integration periods for Metering Codes of Practice proposes the following changes:

  • Increase the minimum data storage capacity for Settlement Outstations to 90 days per Outstation channel, at 30 minutes integration periods, for CoPs 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10
  • Mandate specific, selectable, integration periods for CoPs 3, 5, and 10 (i.e. 30, 20, 15, 10 and 5 minutes) and add a test for this requirement (and for CoPs 1 and 2) into BSCP601

Issue 97



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