Elexon’s Potential BSC Changes dashboard gets upgraded

Following our request for customer feedback at the most recent Upcoming BSC Change Proposals meeting on 23 March, the Potential BSC Changes awaiting initial consideration dashboard has been upgraded,

What is the dashboard?

The dashboard provides visibility of BSC Changes (Modifications, Change Proposals and Issues) that Elexon believe may or will need to be raised in the future, and gives interested parties a more comprehensive view of BSC Changes that they may wish to participate in or may need to follow. An item appearing on the report is not a commitment to raise a BSC Change and is subject to change. BSC Changes may also be raised that have not previously been included on this list.

What’s new?

The improvements to the dashboard include:

  • A new ‘Originated From’ column
  • A new ‘Description’ field for each potential upcoming change
  • A new filtering system based on BSC Categories.

We are keen to continue making improvements to how we communicate potential and upcoming Changes to industry. If you have any further feedback or suggestions on what you would like to see, please email [email protected]


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