Help us shape the future of the Digital Code

Elexon is developing the capabilities of the Digital Code, and we need your help to shape what it looks like in the future.

What is happening?

I took over as Elexon’s new Product Owner for the Digital Code in August 2023, and since then I’ve been looking to restart development to support our customers in interacting with the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) legal texts and subsidiary documents. There are two key parts to this work:

  1. Reviewing what has already been delivered
  2. Strengthening our product vision for the future

What capabilities does the Digital Code currently have?

Since digitalising the BSC Code in 2022 we’ve made major improvements to the way it can be used, all with the benefit to our customers in mind. You can:

  • View and easily navigate your way around the entire BSC document collection (around 400 documents and 9000 pages), which now sit together as one searchable collection
  • Choose which specific document types to perform a search across
  • Learn more about BSC d terms (as per the BSC glossary in Section X1 and X-2) by clicking any underlined term
  • Choose to see secondary definitions and definitions of formulas
  • See cross-references within the BSC as hyperlinks which can be opened as a side bar within the existing window
  • Quickly access BSCPs (Balancing & Settlement Code Procedures)

What does the future look like?

The 2024–25 roadmap details all the development we have planned for the Digital Code this year.

You can expect to see the following new features:


     Key activities


  • Feedback solution – opportunities to provide user feedback in real-time, directly in the Digital Code
  • Improved search – the ability to search the document in view, similar to a Ctrl F function
  • Jump to top – functionality allowing you to access the search function and navigation bar quicker, no need to manually scroll up the page
  • BSC design – alignment with the wider BSC websites headers and footers for improved navigation


  • Improved accessibility – features such as high contrast text, font and font size
  • Extra guidance window – creating a new window to review Simple Guides or Guidance notes alongside the BSC sections or BSCPs


  • DIP documentation – being accessible via the Digital Code platform
  • Related content links and recommendations
  • User log in – to support customization, saved searches, bookmarks and favourites


  • A digital data interface catalogue – this will make out Central Volume Allocation and Supplier Volume Allocation data catalogues digital and interactive, helping customers understand the structure of flows

Get involved by joining our user group

Elexon remains focused on delivering an excellent customer experience across all of our channels, including the Digital Code. We want to support your needs by developing the Digital Code’s capabilities in line with what will help you to the most efficient and effective decisions for your businesses and your customers.

The Digital Code is transforming how users access and understand the BSC and its associated documents. We’re constantly exploring new ways to leverage advancements in technology and improve our customer’s experience. As I’ve detailed above, we’ve got a number of updates already lined up, but we’re looking at ways we can further improve the Digital Code. We’ve been considering things like:

  • Creating an integrated Change management process
  • Creating the functionality to view changes to the BSC texts online
  • Being able to filter the text based on Modifications, Change Proposals and release years

Help us to shape the future of the Digital Code and influence what’s included by joining our Digital Code user group.

This is a chance for you to provide your insights and suggestions for improvements to the Digital , getting exclusive previews of upcoming features and functionalities. You’ll be able to share your knowledge and best practices with fellow users, and receive regular updates on the latest developments and industry trends too.

We’re looking for users from all areas of the energy market, particularly those with experience using the existing Digital Code website or those with a keen interest in improving the user experience for the Digital Code.

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